Gujo Dance Festival ― 2020 Schedule Release

December 26 , 2019
It’s time to mark your calendars because the schedule for the Gujo Dance Festival, one of Gifu’s must-do summer activities, has officially been announced.
The dance is a tradition that’s over 400 years old (considered one of Japan’s three great bon dances) and held across 30 different nights over a period of three months. The dances are easy to learn, making them very beginner friendly. Everyone is invited to join in the dancing; just hop right in the dance circle and follow the movements of the people around you!

**** 2020 Gujo Dance Period ****
July 11~September 5

The times and venues for the festival change each night so make sure and check the schedule in the link below for specific details.
Gujo Dance Festival ― 2020 Schedule Release

Ji-Kabuki All-Star Performances

December 16 , 2019
This is a rare opportunity on which Ji-Kabuki preservation organizations in Gifu Prefecture all gather together and perform one after another.
Please come and watch the traditional performing arts that represent Gifu.

There are more than 30 Ji-Kabuki preservation organizations in Gifu Prefecture and Gifu is one of the most active regions for Ji-Kabuki in Japan.
People in rural parts of the nation started organizing and holding Kabuki performances by themselves in their hometowns in shrines and shibai-goyas (playhouses). These amateur forms of Kabuki played in rural parts of Japan are called “Ji-Kabuki” in Gifu Prefecture.

【2020 Schedule (Total 11 performances, 3-4 societies perform each show)】
1/19 , 2/15 , 3/8 , 4/19 , 4/26 , 5/10 , 5/24 , 6/7 , 6/21, 7/12 , 7/19

Seiryu Bunka Plaza, Gifu City (3-42 Gakuencho ,Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture)

Free of charge

・Seats must be reserved in advance
・The website will include an explanation in English of how to apply so please make sure to check it out!
Ji-Kabuki All-Star Performances

Winter 2019 Newsletter Release

December 9 , 2019
Winter has arrived to Gifu in full force: cold temperatures, the appearance of ridiculously large scarves that almost cover one’s entire face, and the majority of vending machine drinks switching from cold to hot varieties.
While winter in Gifu is cold, there are plenty of events, beautiful places to see, and steaming-hot food to keep you distracted until spring! Please check our seasonal newsletter for some of this winter’s events that you won’t want to miss.
Not everything is featured so make sure to keep checking our website and Facebook for up to date information.
Winter 2019 Newsletter Release

Gero Hot Springs Winter Firework Performances

December 6 , 2019
☆☆☆ Gero Hot Springs Winter Firework Musicals ☆☆☆
Watch world-class pyrotechnicians launch fireworks in time with accompanying music during these dazzling winter spectacles. 7,000 to 11,000 fireworks are launched during the course of a normal 15-minute show.

※Date: 12/7, 12/14, 12/21 (and a special Christmas Performance on the 24th)
※Time: 20:00~20:15 (Christmas Performance 20:00~20:30)
※Location: Shirasagi Ryokuchi Park (along the banks of the Hida River upstream of the Gero Ohashi Bridge)
※Directions: 5-minute walk from Gero Station

☆☆☆ Gero Hot Springs Winter Firework Stories ☆☆☆
Enjoy firework performances based on seasonal Japanese holidays and societal traditions.
-January: New Year’s and Coming of Age Ceremony
-February: Valentines and Prayers for Students in Passing Exams
-March: Japanese Doll Festival (Girls’ Day), White Day, and Wishing Good Luck in Setting Out on a New Journey
※Date: Every Saturday from January 11 to March 28
※Time: 20:30~20:40
※Location: Along the banks of the Hida River downstream of the Gero Ohashi Bridge
※Directions: 5-minute walk from Gero Station
Gero Hot Springs Winter Firework Performances