【Events Cancelled】 Seki Cutlery Festival and Mino Washi Lantern Art Exhibition

September 25 , 2019
The Seki Cutlery Festival and Mino Washi Lantern Art Exhibition are both the largest events held in their respective cities and happen to be held on the same weekend (making a trip out to the area well worth it!).
This year the cities are working together and will offer a free shuttle buses between cities, please check the below website (Jpn) for more information.
【Shuttle bus website】 https://peraichi.com/landing_pages/view/sekimino

**********Seki Cutlery Festival**********
Seki’s katana were considered to be the favorite of samurai warlords all over Japan as they wouldn’t bend or break and were incredibly sharp! The same technology that was used to create those superior katana remains alive to this very day, utilized in the city’s blade and cutlery industry.

What better place to learn more about Japan’s swordsmithing culture or shop for some high-quality knives?
【Date】 October 12-13
【Time】 10am~5pm
【Location】 2 Chome Honmachi, Seki City (vendors will be along Honmachi-dori Street)
【Directions】 7-minute walk from Nagaragawa Railway’s Seki Station
【For more info】 http://seki-hamono.jp/eng/index.html

*********Mino Washi Lantern Art Exhibition*********
Every year Mino City holds a 2-day exhibition featuring lantern art made from Mino Washi that’s created by artists from all across the country (top prize gets 500,000 yen!).

About 500 art pieces are displayed in Mino City’s Udatsu Wall Historical District, creating a rare atmosphere that can only be experienced here. The warmth of the lantern light along with the contrasting shadows they cast admist the ancient wooden Japanese structures is sure make a trip here worthwhile!
【Date】 October 12-13
【Time】 5pm~9pm ***time lanterns are lit
【Location】 Udatsu Wall Historical District of Mino City
【Directions】 10-minute walk from the Nagaragawa Railway’s Mino-shi Station (or a 1-minute walk from “Udatsu no Machinami-dori” bus stop on the Gifu Mino Line of Gifu Bus)
【Website】 http://www.mino-city.jp/en/tourist/festival13.html
【Events Cancelled】 Seki Cutlery Festival and Mino Washi Lantern Art Exhibition

【Event Has Ended】Gifu Castle 4th Floor (Observation Deck) Periodic Closures

September 19 , 2019
The fourth floor (observation deck level) of Gifu Castle will be closed periodically in October to carry out construction work for temporarily strengthening the fourth floor’s structural resistance against earthquakes.
Please note that on these construction days, admission into Gifu Castle will be free.

※Fourth Floor Closure Days
-Weekdays from October 1~25 (excluding Oct. 14 and 22)
-Visitors will still be able to enter floors 1-3 on construction days
-On weekends and national holidays the fourth floor will be opened (castle admission fees will be required on these days)

※Gifu Castle Admission Fees
-Free on construction days (the 17 days listed above)
-Normal admission fees apply on days the fourth floor is open (weekends and national holidays)

-There may be loud noises from construction work on construction days
【Event Has Ended】Gifu Castle 4th Floor (Observation Deck) Periodic Closures

Autumn 2019 Newsletter Release

September 5 , 2019
While the heat in Gifu continues to linger on, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel!
Autumn is just around the corner which means cooler temperatures and an increase in momiji (autumn leaf) festivals. Don’t miss our latest newsletter that features some of the Gifu’s hottest autumn-leaf viewing spots and a special on samurai-related events.

Unfortunately we aren’t able to cover every event so make sure and continue to check our Facebook page for even more information!
Autumn 2019 Newsletter Release