Ji-Kabuki Performances Takayama Jinya・Magome-juku・Hazama Sake Brewery

July 29 , 2019
Watch special Ji-Kabuki performances – a form of Kabuki (a traditional Japanese performing art) that’s more relaxed and down-to-earth than the standard Kabuki as it was originally created to entertain everyone from farmers and commoners to samurai lords – this summer and fall at popular sightseeing spots!

Special performances will be held in Takayama (Takayama Jinya) and Nakatsugawa (Magome-juku and Hazama Sake Brewery) in places that are easier to access than the more traditional theaters that performances are normally held in.

**Takayama Jinya Performances**
【Dates】 Aug 17・18 and Aug 31・Sep 1
【Time】 19:30 (doors open at 19:00)
【Admission】 1,000円 (includes souvenir)
【Venue】 Takayama Jinya, Takayama
【Access】 8-min walk from JR Takayama Station
【Notes】 Tickets can be purchased day-of at the Takayama Jinya or beforehand online

**Magome-za Performances**
【Dates】 July 20・27, Aug 10・24, Oct 12・26, Nov 9・23
【Time】 20:00 (doors open at 19:30)
【Admission】 500円 (includes souvenir)
【Venue】 Magome Assembly Hall (next to the Magome Tourism Info. Center), Magome-juku, Nakatsugawa
【Website】 https://www.jikabuki.net/スペシャルプログラム-special-program/特別公演-2019馬籠座歌舞伎/

**Hazama-za Performances**
【Dates】 Oct 5・6, Nov 2・3
【Time】 12:00 (doors open at 11:00) and 14:30 (doors open at 13:30)
【Admission】 1,500円
【Venue】 Hazama Sake Brewery, Nakatsugawa
【Access】 12-min walk from JR Nakatsugawa Station in Nakatsugawa-juku
【Notes】 Bus tours from Nagoya are available
【Website】 https://www.jikabuki.net/スペシャルプログラム-special-program/特別公演-2019はざま座歌舞伎/
Ji-Kabuki Performances Takayama Jinya・Magome-juku・Hazama Sake Brewery

【Event Has Ended】Gujo Dance Season Just Around the Corner

July 11 , 2019
The Gujo Dance Festival – one of Japanese three most famous bon dances with over 400 years of history – begins July 13 and will be held across 30 non-consecutive nights until September 7.

Everyone is invited to join in the dancing and the moves for each dance are quite easy to remember (just hop in the dance circle and copy the people around you).
While not required, we recommend dancing in geta (traditional Japanese clog-like sandals) as they are highly integrated into the various dances.

Make sure to check the below schedule as times and venues change each night.
【Event Has Ended】Gujo Dance Season Just Around the Corner