2019 G.W. and Autumn Naegi Castle Ruins Shuttle Bus

April 26 , 2019
During the 10-day 2019 Golden Week holiday period and weekends/national holidays from September~November Kita Ena is offering direct shuttle bus services between JR Nakatsugawa Station and Naegi Castle Ruins.

The Naegi Castle Ruins are the remains of an ancient mountain fortress that sits atop a 170-meter-tall mountain in Nakatsugawa City. In order to make up for the lack of space on top of the mountain the castle’s creators ingeniously adapted the mountain’s pre-existing boulders into the castle’s design making it an architectural feat as it originally built around 1532.

The lookout point at the very top of the castle ruins provides a beautiful 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding Kiso Valley, Kiso River and nearby Mt. Ena.

***Naegi Castle Ruins***
2019 G.W. and Autumn Naegi Castle Ruins Shuttle Bus

Experience Gifu’s Traditional Crafts with Voyagin

April 23 , 2019
Ceramics, Blacksmithing, Papermaking, Woodworking, and Indigo Dyeing

Experience these age old crafts that each have 400~1,300 years of history here in Gifu prefecture. With 12 different tours/activities now bookable on Voyagin, it’s never been easier to EXPERIENCE these Japanese crafts in person.

Make sure and check the details of each activity to see what it includes!
Experience Gifu’s Traditional Crafts with Voyagin

Cormorant Fishing Season May 11~Oct. 15

April 19 , 2019
Watch the ancient tradition of cormorant fishing that has been continued here in Gifu on the Nagara River for over a millennium. Traditional cormorant fishing is where master fishermen use trained cormorants to catch ayu sweetfish, a migratory fish native to Gifu’s pristine rivers, by torchlight in the dark of night.

There are two places one can watch this ancient fishing tradition:
① Gifu City – Gifu Cormorant Fishing on the Nagara River
② Seki City – Oze Cormorant Fishing

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to witness this tradition over a thousand years in the making!
Cormorant Fishing Season May 11~Oct. 15