【Event Has Ended】 Yoro Park Sakura Light-Up & Site of Reversible Destiny Special

March 29 , 2019
The two-kilometer stretch from Yoro Railway’s Yoro Station to Yoro Falls is one of Gifu’s most popular cherry blossom locations because one can see 3,000 blooming cherry trees against the breathtaking backdrop of the Yoro Mountains. From the cherry blossom season to early summer there are a number of events and promotional campaigns that are sure to make your trip to Yoro special!

***①Yoro Park Sakura Light-Up***
Enjoy the famous cherry trees of Yoro Park lit up at night for a romantic cherry-blossom tunnel (not to mention a marketplace of food stalls). While you’re there, don’t miss out on the fantastic night view of Gifu and Nagoya!
【Date】 March 30~April 7 (enjoy stage events on Saturdays and Sundays during this time)
【Light-Up Time】 18:00~20:30 (Parking lots may be used from 17:00~21:00)

***②Yoro Railway & Site of Reversible Destiny Special***
Take a Yoro Railway train to Yoro Park and get into the Site of Reversible Destiny for free! Just show your used ticket (make sure it’s been stamped) to the Site of Reversible Destiny ticketing gate.
【Special Period】 March 20~May 31
【Yoro Park Access】At JR Ogaki Station, exit ticketing gates and transfer to Yoro Railway Ogaki Station >>> take train for Yoro and get off at Yoro Station (24 min and 410 yen) >>> walk ten minutes to Yoro Park
【More Info】
▪Yoro Park: http://travel.kankou-gifu.jp/en/see-and-do/19/
▪Site of Reversible Destiny: http://travel.kankou-gifu.jp/en/see-and-do/99/
【Event Has Ended】 Yoro Park Sakura Light-Up & Site of Reversible Destiny Special

Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway Lane Expansion Complete

March 20 , 2019
Now the drive from Nagoya to northern Gifu (like Takayama, Hida City, and Shirokawa-go) has become even more safe and enjoyable as the Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway between Gujo and Takayama have been expanded from two to four lanes.

*Reasons for Expansion Construction
-Alleviate of traffic congestion and encourage more tourism
-Improve structural redundancy in case of natural disasters or emergencies
-Improve overall safety and reliability

*Interesting Fact
As a result of expansion construction, Washimi Bridge (located in between Takasu IC and Hiruganokogen Smart IC) will be breaking its previous record for tallest bridge-support pillar in Japan with a new height of 125m (previous height was 118m)

*4-Lane Expansion Project Timeline:
Shirotori IC~Takasu IC (8km): Completed Nov. 30, 2018
Hiruganokogen Smart IC~Hida-Kiyomi IC (26km): Completed Dec. 12, 2018
Takasu IC~Hiruganokogen Smart IC (7km): Completed Mar. 20, 2019
Tokai-Hokuriku Expressway Lane Expansion Complete

Hida Osaka Falls Selected For Ecotourism Award Grand Prize

March 18 , 2019
Hida Osaka Falls was selected as the Grand Prize Winner for the 14th Ecotourism Awards (an award given by the Japanese Ministry of Environment).

Hida Osaka is home to over a thousand waterfalls (200 over a height of 5 meters) and is considered to have the most waterfalls concentrated in one area in all of Japan. With NPO Hida Osaka Falls, one can enjoy English tours to some the waterfalls, shower climbing, or even snowshoeing in the winter.

***Gero City Council of Ecotourism Promotions should also be mentioned as it was one of three organizations selected for the Award of Excellence

【Ministry of Environment Announcement (Jpn)】
Hida Osaka Falls Selected For Ecotourism Award Grand Prize

Spring 2019 Newsletter Release

March 11 , 2019
Winter is coming to an end and the weather is starting to warm up.
With the arrival of spring there are a number of festivals and events here in Gifu that you won’t want to miss, so make sure and check out our seasonal newsletter!
Spring 2019 Newsletter Release