Winter 2018 Newsletter Release

November 29 , 2018
Winter is here!
Get updated information about events and places to go during the winter with our seasonal Tourism and Event Newsletter.
Unfortunately we are unable to feature every event in this newsletter so please continue to check our Facebook page for more info!

**12.13 Update** Please excuse us for the correction concerning the Gero Onsen Fireworks Winter Musical Performance, but there is no performance on Saturday, December 29th.
Winter 2018 Newsletter Release

【Event Has Ended】 Excavation Survey, Free Samurai-Armor Experience, and Fall Foliage at Gifu Castle

November 8 , 2018
With a plethora of activities all happening in one place, what better time is there to come and visit Gifu Castle?
◼◼◼Excavation Survey ◼◼◼
This survey is being put on by the Gifu City Board of Education in order to better understand the stone ruins at the top of Mount Kinka that are believed to date back to the age when samurai warlord Oda Nobunaga reigned from Gifu Castle in the Warring States period of Japan (around 1467–1600). This is the first full-fledge excavation survey to take place on the top of Mount Kinka and it is open to the public!
◼Period: One month starting October 24
◼Hours of Operation: Wed~Sun 9:15~15:45 (survey operations will be cancelled in the case of rain)
◼Location: 100 meters from the top station of the Mount Kinka Ropeway along the hiking path going towards Gifu Castle.

◼◼◼ Samurai Armor Experience ◼◼◼
In the Gifu Castle Museum, located near Gifu Castle at the top of Mount Kinka, one can try on some samurai armor for a period of 20 minutes free of charge. The armor-wearing experience is being offered in conjunction with the installation of trick art that makes it look like you are invading Inabayama Castle (current Gifu Castle). What a good photo opportunity!
◼Period: Now to December 24
◼Hours of Operation: Weekends and national holidays 10:00-15:00
◼Reservations: Reservation of time slots have to be made in person on the day of. Reservations will only be given to the first 20 people and can be made starting at 9:30 at the museum
◼Cost: Wearing the samurai armor is free; however, one will still need to pay for the museum admission (¥200)

◼◼◼ Autumn Foliage ◼◼◼
Changing colors of the autumn foliage around Gifu Park, Mount Kinka, and Gifu Castle can be seen from early to late November.
【Event Has Ended】 Excavation Survey, Free Samurai-Armor Experience, and Fall Foliage at Gifu Castle

JR Central Plans to Completely Restore JR Takayama Line on Nov. 21

November 6 , 2018
JR Central has announced that they plan to completely restore train tracks (and resume normal train services) from Sakakami to Inotani Station on Wednesday, November 21. The Sakakami~Inotani section of the Takayama Main Line has been closed since July due to damages caused by landslides that occurred during extremely heavy rainfall.

This means that Limited Express Wide-View Hida services from Takayama to Toyama Station will also be resumed, making it possible for one to travel from Nagoya to Toyama in a quick and convenient manner.
*Reserved Seat tickets for “Wide-View Hida” services will go on sale at 10:00 on Tuesday, November 6

*****Free Wi-Fi on “Wide-View Hida” Services*****
In addition to Wide-View Hida services from Hida-Furukawa to Toyama resuming on November 21, JR Central has also announced that free Wi-Fi will be available on all “Wide-View Hida” train cars.
*Please be aware that Wi-Fi may not be usable when going through tunnels and mountainous terrain

[JR Central Notices (Jpn)]
JR Central Plans to Completely Restore JR Takayama Line on Nov. 21