【Event Has Ended】 Hida Takayama Sake Brewery Tour

January 15 , 2018
In Japan they have a saying that goes along the lines of “good sake can be found in cold places.” The area around Takayama produces delicious sake—making it a perfect example of this old saying—because not only is it blessed with a cold climate, but pristine water and high-quality rice as well. Each week, one of the six participating sake breweries will open up its brewery for tours and sake sampling. Take a tour of the brewery with a guide and then try some of their delicious sake!

【Date】 January 19th-March 3rd
【Time】 10:00am-12:00pm (last entry at 11:45am), 1:00pm-4:00pm (last entry at 3:45pm)
【Duration】 15-20 min
【Venue】 Various breweries in the historical district of Takayama City (see “Tour Schedule”)
【Directions】 10-15 min on foot from Takayama Station East Exit
【Tour Schedule】 ①Jan 19th-25th: Harada Sake Brewery ②Jan 26th-Feb 1st: Kawashiri Sake Brewery ③Feb 2nd-8th: Niki Sake Brewery ④Feb 9th-15th: Hirase Sake Brewery ⑤Feb 16th-22nd: Funasaka Sake Brewery ⑥Feb 23rd-Mar 3rd: Hirata Sake Brewery
【Event Has Ended】 Hida Takayama Sake Brewery Tour