Lightsaber and Seki Blacksmithing Exhibition

October 11 , 2017
In an unexpected, but nevertheless exciting tie-up between Starwars: The Last Jedi PR Bureau and Seki City, you can see a lightsaber-inspired Japanese sword that was crafted specifically for this promotional exhibition.

The centerpiece of the exhibition, “Raito Sēbā,” was crafted by the 25th and 26th generation “Fujiwara Kanefusa,” who used the lightsaber that main character Rey will carry in the movie as inspiration for their Japanese sword. What is “Fujiwara Kanefusa” you might ask? Well to put simply, it is an honorary title that is passed to the most talented of Seki blacksmiths from generation to generation first starting in the Muromachi period (1336-1573).

At this exhibition both Japanese sword fans and Starwars fans alike can enjoy “Raito Sēbā,” an intriguing fusion of the 700-year-old tradition of blacksmithing here in Seki and the lightsaber, a symbol of the movie series that has entertained audiences all around the world.

【Event】 “Lightsaber and Seki Blacksmithing” Exhibition
【Location】 Seki Traditional Swordsmith Museum (2nd Floor)
【Date】 October 6th-29th
【Admission】Entry into the Special Exhibition Hall is free (normal museum rates are charged for permanent exhibition hall)
【Notes】 Admission into the museum during the Seki Cutlery Festival will be free!
【Event Press Release (Jpn)】
Lightsaber and Seki Blacksmithing Exhibition