【Event Has Ended】 International Ceramics Festival ’17 Mino, Japan

August 21 , 2017
The International Ceramics Festival Mino is a world-class ceramics festival that has been held every three years since 1986. This year’s festival, the International Ceramics Festival ’17 Mino, will be held at the Ceramics Park MINO in Tajimi and will open its doors to the public on Friday, September 15th.
The ”11th International Ceramics Competition, Mino Japan Exhibition” is the main event of this festival. For this year’s competition there was a total of 2,466 pieces submitted by artists representing 60 countries and regions. From the original 2,466 pieces, 141 were carefully selected by a panel of judges, consisting of well-known artists and museum directors, to be showcased at the festival.

During the festival there will be many events being held such as a restaurant where you can enjoy cuisine prepared by a Michelin One-Star chef (served in Mino Ceramic Ware), a fashion show with Mino Ceramic Ware as the theme, and workshop where you can create ceramic, origami-styled cranes or tile coasters.

Other events include an art exhibit featuring works made by people with disabilities, a high school ceramics art show, and various locally themed art exhibits. With all of these different events it is sure to be a festival that both adults and children will be able to enjoy.

【Festival Dates】 Friday, September 15th to Sunday, October 22nd
【Event Venue】 Ceramics Park MINO
【Venue Address】 4-2-5 Higashimachi, Tajimi City, Gifu
【Event Website】 http://www.icfmino.com/

【For your reference: What is Mino Ceramic Ware?】
【Event Has Ended】 International Ceramics Festival ’17 Mino, Japan