"Gifu Crossroads" Rebranding

March 28 , 2017
Starting next April (the new fiscal year in Japan), we have decided to change the name of the Prefectural Facebook page and Wordpress blog name from “Gifu Crossroads” to “Go Gifu.”
This will just be an external change; we will still be continuing to write about news and current events taking place in Gifu prefecture.
We think that in the long run, the name Go Gifu will better serve our goals of promoting tourism in Gifu.
Here is the single color logo, let us know what you think!

【Event Has Ended】 See Over 330,000 Tulips at Tulip Festival in Kaizu

March 23 , 2017
At this Tulip Festival there will be over 330,000 tulips (110 different varieties) that brightly color the Kiso Sansen Park.
In the popular “Miffy Flower Bed,” there are about 65,000 tulips and muscari of varying colors that are used to create a colorful picture of Miffy, a cute bunny from a series of Dutch picture books.
There are also cherry blossom trees planted in some of the flower beds, so if the tulips bloom early enough you will get the rare opportunity to enjoy both tulips and cherry blossoms at the same time!
Click the link below to see the Japanese event flyer.

【Date】 Monday, March 27th ~ Sunday, April 16th
【Time】 Mon-Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm
Sat-Sun: 8:00am-6:00pm
【Venue】 Kiso Sansen Park
1.) Community Bus(every day during the festival):
Yoro Railway Ishizu Station > Kaizu-shi Community Bus(Adults 200円, Kids 100円) > Get off at “Kiso Sansen Koen” Bus Stop
Departure Times- Ishizu Station(for Kiso Sansen Koen): 10:11am, 12:40pm
Kiso Sansen Koen(for Ishizu Station): 11:43am, 2:02pm, 3:56pm

2.) Free Shuttle Bus(Festival Weekends Only: April 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th):
JR Kuwana Station (Mie Prefecture) > Kiso Sansen Koen
Departure Times- Kuwana Station(for Kiso Sansen Park): Every 40min starting at 9:00am, last shuttle at 4:20pm
Kiso Sansen Park(for Kuwana Station): Every 40min starting at 9:35am, last shuttle at 5:35pm
***depending on traffic conditions there is the possibility of late departures
【Event Has Ended】 See Over 330,000 Tulips at Tulip Festival in Kaizu

【Event Has Ended】 Dōsan Festival and Gifu Festival in Gifu City

March 21 , 2017
The Dōsan Festival celebrates Saitō Dōsan, a fierce samurai from the Sengoku period (also known as the warring states period), who`s rule created a healthy environment in Gifu (known as Inokuchi at the time) that allowed trade and commerce to flourish. Throughout the festival you can enjoy parades, marching bands, flea markets, and much more in the downtown area of Gifu City.

Also celebrated on Saturday evening is the Gifu Festival of Inaba Shrine, where you can see a procession of festival floats decorated with paper lanterns that light up the night.

【Date】April 1st and 2nd (Sat and Sun)***
***downtown parade and festival float procession are on Saturday only
【Venue】Downtown Gifu City and Inaba Shrine
【Directions】Inaba Shrine: Gifu/Meitetsu Station [Gifu Bus・10min・210 yen] >>> Get off at “Inaba Dōri” Bus Stop
【Event Has Ended】 Dōsan Festival and Gifu Festival in Gifu City

Spring 2017 Event Newsletter Release

March 10 , 2017
Spring is just around the corner, and we have released our quarterly event newsletter on the Gifu Crossroads’ blog page. While there are many events and festivals that take place in Gifu prefecture during the spring, we can only highlight a few of them in the newsletter so make sure to continue checking our website or Facebook page for additional information.
Spring 2017 Event Newsletter Release

Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall Access Guide

March 8 , 2017
Do you know about Chiune Sugihara?
He was a Japanese diplomat who was stationed in Lithuania during WWII and saved the lives of 6,000 Jewish refugees who were fleeing Nazi persecution. Sugihara went against his superiors’ orders and issued them transit visas that allowed them to escape through Japan.

In Sugihara’s hometown of Yaotsu, there is a memorial hall dedicated to his memory. At the memorial hall you can see historical documents (like one of the remaining transit visas), and experience what it would have been like to be in his shoes on the day that he decided to save the refugees.

There are no train stations near the memorial hall so please refer to the handy access guide we made(attached as a PDF), if you are trying to go there on your own. On weekends and national holidays there is a free shuttle-taxi from the Yaotsu Family Center to the memorial hall.

Please see the official memorial hall website for more info:
Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall Access Guide