Ukiyo-e Woodblock Exhibition Displays Popular Hiroshige Collection

February 27 , 2017
See the beautiful landscapes of the Tokaido Highway in the form of ukiyo-e woodblock prints at the Hiroshige Museum of Art, Ena.

These newly-acquired Utagawa Hiroshige prints are making their first debut at the museum in the Beautiful Tokaido –Reisho Edition Debut-. The prints depict Tokaido landscapes that are different than the ones you would normally see in Hiroshige’s “The Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido” series. The prints reflect Hiroshige’s mastery of the art through the refined use of color and detailed scenery of the Tokaido.

A very popular hands-on activity at the museum is the Ukiyo-e overprinting experience corner. Here you can experience what it would be like to make your own ukiyo-e woodblock print with some premade imitation blocks (3-6 colors).

【Event】Beautiful Tokaido ―Reisho Edition Debut-
【Venue】Hiroshige Museum of Art, Ena
【Date】February 16th(Thrs) ~ March 26th (Sun)
【Access】2-minute walk from Ena Station
Ukiyo-e Woodblock Exhibition Displays Popular Hiroshige Collection

Moon at Tsukimi No Mori Designated as One of “Japan’s 100 Best Moons”

February 20 , 2017
Tsukimi No Mori Park, literally meaning “Moon-viewing Forest," offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape during both the day and night (weather-permitting you can see all the way to Nagoya). Earlier this month, the view of the moon from the observation deck at the top of the park was officially designated as one of “Japan’s 100 Best Moons.” Now it is known both locally and nationally as a good night-viewing spot, just be prepared to walk up the 258 stairs of the “Stairway to the Moon.”

Tsukimi No Mori Park offers much more than just a pleasant night view: during the day you can walk one of the many trails in the park, enjoy the hydrangea and rare sasa-yuri (or bamboo lily) flowers that blossom in the summer, and see a great view from the rotenburo outdoor baths of the hot springs facility located inside the park(shuttle services are available from the parking lot).

【Park Light-up Hours】 Every Saturday until 9:00pm
【Access】 Park entrance is about a 20 minute walk from the Yoro Railway Komano Station (駒野駅) in Kaizu city

More information about the park can be seen down below (Japanese Only)
Moon at Tsukimi No Mori Designated as One of “Japan’s 100 Best Moons”