【Event Has Ended】400 Year Old Fire Festival in Kaizu City

January 30 , 2017
Tall flames, flying embers, crackling bamboo, and wild young men with painted faces!?
These are all things you can expect to see at the Imao Sagicho Fire Festival, which has been celebrated for over 400 years and has been designated by Gifu Prefecture as an “Important Intangible Cultural Asset.”

In this traditional Shinto ritual there are around 13 giant bamboo mikoshi shrines (about 6 meters tall, 1.5 tons) that are set on fire as a form of honorific-prayer to the god of fire. The mikoshi are brought into the shrine’s grounds one at a time and then torched by one of the 13 local neighborhood associations. This festival is famous for the young men with painted faces, who show their bravery by running around in the smoke and embers of the giant burning mikoshi.

+Name: Imao Sagicho Fire Festival
+Date: Sunday February 12th, 2017
+Time: 12:00pm (noon)
+Place: Imao Akiba Shrine
+Access: From JR Ogaki Station take Meihan Kintetsu Bus on the Kaizu line (about 40min, 740 yen) > get off at “Imao” bus stop > walk 8min to Imao Akiba Shrine (今尾秋葉神社)
+Address: 2948 Hiratachō Imao, Kaizu-shi, Gifu-ken 503-0321
See the link below for the Japanese event pamphlet
【Event Has Ended】400 Year Old Fire Festival in Kaizu City

【Event Has Ended】 "Your Name." Exhibit in Hida-Furukawa

January 26 , 2017
Take a look behind the scenes of Makoto Shinkai’s hit animated film “Your Name.” through this exhibition at the Hida City Art Museum. On display are precious documents and materials not normally shown to the public like storyboards, braided cord design concepts, and other related behind the scenes documents. See the link below for the Japanese event poster.

【Place】Hida City Art Museum
【Date】January 7th, 2017(Sat)~ February 19th, 2017(Sun)
【Business Hours】9:00am~5:00pm (last entry 4:30pm)
【Admission Fee】High School and Up: 500 yen, Elementary and Middle School: 150 yen
【Access】3min walk from JR Hida-Furukawa Station (cross over the pedestrian bridge to the other side of the train tracks)
【Event Has Ended】

【Event Has Ended】 Kiso-ji Snow and Ice Light Festival in Magome-juku

January 25 , 2017
Walk the Kiso-ji road through Magome-juku surrounded by the warm light of ice candles! During this festival handmade snow sculptures and lantern-like ice candles are used to light up the old Nakasendo post town. If you get chilled from walking around in the brisk winter night, then warm up with some pork miso soup and amazake sweet sake for free. Come and experience a magical atmosphere in Magome-juku that only occurs once a year for two hours!

【Date】 Saturday February 11th, 2017
【Time】 7:00pm~ (around 2hrs long)
【Place】 Magome-juku
【Event Info(Jpn)】 Magome Tourist Information Center (0573-69-2336)
【Event Has Ended】 Kiso-ji Snow and Ice Light Festival in Magome-juku

Free Local Ji-kabuki Performances

January 19 , 2017
If you haven’t had the opportunity to enjoy ji-kabuki (local kabuki) yet, then there will be some free performances coming up that you won’t want to miss. Ji-kabuki is different from normal kabuki because it has much closer ties to the local community by using actors and stories from the surrounding area. At these showings there will also be the opportunity to take pictures with the kabuki actors themselves.
While the admission itself is free for these performances, you can enjoy some food and drink for an added cost. For more information and the English event pamphlets please see the link at the bottom.

・Ena City・
Chinese New Year Ji-kabuki Performances at Enakyo
+Dates: January 27th and February 3rd, 10th, 17th, 24th (All dates are Fridays)
+Time: 8:30pm
+Place: Enakyo Grand Hotel
+Access: Free shuttle bus from JR Ena Station (Reservation not required)

・Gero City・
Special Ji-kabuki Performance at Houou-za
+Dates: January 27th(Fri), 28th(Sat), 29th(Sun)
+Time: 8:30pm
+Place: Houou-za
+Access: Free shuttle bus from JR Gero Station (Call to reserve: 0576-25-3014 (Gero Nohi Bus))

Special Ji-kabuki Performance at Gero Onsen
+Dates: February 3rd(Fri), 4th(Sat), 5th(Sun)
+Time: 9:00pm
+Place: Suimeikan
+Access: 3min walk from JR Gero Station

・Takayama City・
Ji-kabuki and Sake Night in Hida-Takayama
+Dates: February 18th(Sat), 19th(Sun), 25th(Sat), 26th(Sun), and
March 11th(Sat), 12th(Sun), 18th(Sat), 19th(Sun)
+Time: 9:00pm
+Place: Takayama Green Hotel
+Access: Free shuttle bus from JR Takayama Station (Reservation not required)

Free Local Ji-kabuki Performances