Central Japan: Hotel and Rail Excursion - a BARGAIN package!

March 14 , 2012
If you are interested in visiting the central Japan area and prefer to travel Free and Easy via public transportation, then we have a unbelievably value-packed package for you: the “Central Japan: Hotel and Rail Excursion!”

JTB Sunrise Tours, Central Japan Railway Company, and Gifu Prefecture have teamed up to bring you a special--and extremely flexible--travel option to the Central Japan area!!

The plan includes 5 nights--2 in Japan's 4th largest city of Nagoya and 3 in one of Gifu's gems, the old city of Takayama--as well as transportation to and from the designated destinations!

Included also is a day trip (of your choice) to one of the following--Kyoto, Shizuoka, or Ise--all of which are in the surrounding area and easily accessible by bullet train or special express train (fare included as well!). Additionally, round-trip bus tickets from Takayama to either World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go (famous for the idyllic gassho-zukuri thatched-roof houses village) or Shinhotaka (a fantastic destination deep in the mountains where the Shinhotaka Ropeway will take you high up into the sky to appreciate the beautiful scenery year-round) are also included. An all-day bus pass in the city of Takayama also ensures that you will be able to explore Takayama easily without a car, and finally a cultural workshop (again, of your choosing) is part of the package.

Considering all of this, the price of 50,000 yen for an adult is truly staggering and is an unbelievable bargain, of the kind that you will not come across very often.

This Hotel and Rail package represents a GREAT opportunity to travel far and wide through the heartland of Japan, which prides itself on nature and preservation of tradition and history. Central Japan is truly a wonderful part of the country, and you will be able to explore both large metropolis and hidden-away countryside, all for a bargain price. Come see all that central Japan and GIFU have to offer!!!

The "G-PASS," a fantastic flat-rate pass for a Free and Easy trip to central Japan!

March 14 , 2012
Introducing a new pass that makes Free and Easy trips to Gifu and central Japan easier and cheaper than ever: the "G-PASS" (“G” for Gifu!)

Gifu has collaborated with Central Nippon Expressway to bring you this pass, which allows you drive on the designated highway roads as much as you want during a 7-day period, and without the hassle of stopping at the toll booths!

Just pay for one of the two different flat-rate passes available when you pick up a TOYOTA rental car at Central Japan International Airport in Nagoya, get the electronic IC card to get you through the tolls, and you're ready to cruise the highways in Gifu and the surrounding areas!

The “G-Pass A” and “G-Pass S” cover slightly different roads/areas and will take you to some different points of interest (such as Matsumoto [A] versus Kanazawa [S]), but no matter which you choose, you will save a lot of money and time with the G-Pass.

English GPS devices are fitted in all of the Toyota rental cars available for use with these passes, so you can drive around central Japan at ease!

If you are interested in driving your way around Gifu and beyond with the freedom that comes with a rental car, this is the absolute best deal you will find, and we hope that you utilize it!

Refer to the link below for detailed information.

Welcome to the new GIFU Travel Guide!!!

March 14 , 2012
Welcome to the Gifu Prefecture Tourism Federation’s new GIFU Travel Guide! It has been completely redone from the ground-up and should prove a fantastic resource for those interested in finding out more about Gifu Prefecture, the Heart and Center of Japan!

While Gifu is still comparatively unknown outside of Japan compared to other more famous regions, we here in Gifu hope that this site becomes a portal through which many people can learn about Gifu and plan for a trip to the region.

Gifu is geographically the center of Japan, but it is also the center in other ways, since so much tradition has been preserved here that has been lost in other regions of the country. It is a center for traditional artisanship, sake, food, and is a historically important area as well (in fact, the great historical figure Oda Nobunaga attempted to unite Japan with Gifu as his base, an attempt that he could not personally see to completion but which was carried out by those who followed him)!

Gifu also has tremendous diversity when it comes to natural surroundings and landscapes, and as a result all four seasons of the year are distinctly stunning. If you are looking for something more than a metropolis in a travel destination, Gifu is the perfect place for you!

We hope you utilize this site to learn about what makes Gifu the fantastic place that it is, and we encourage any feedback to make the site better!

Finally, in addition to this website, please follow “Gifu Crossroads” on Facebook for more, real-time, information on Gifu, and please feel free to direct any questions to that page as well!

We hope to see you soon in GIFU!!
Welcome to the new GIFU Travel Guide!!!