Public Transportation to Gujo and the Hida Region in Gifu (As of 9:00 am on July 17, 2018)

Heavy rainfall that occurred in Gifu from July 6~8 has impacted travel to Gujo and the Hida region in the form of road closures and railway service suspensions.

While railway services to Gujo and the Hida region remain suspended or limited, please note that the following highway buses are available to use: Nohi Bus, Meitetsu Bus, and Gifu Bus. All sightseeing destinations within Gifu, except for a very small portion, are open for business and running as they would normally.

Gifu Prefecture is excitedly awaiting your visit!

〇For those staying in Gero
Gero Onsen Ryokan Cooperative is providing a temporary shuttle bus from JR Nakatsugawa to JR Gero Station (service available July 14 ~ August 10) for ¥2,000 one-way or ¥4,000 round-trip. There are two round-trip services a day and it is only available for those staying in Gero; please contact your hotel or Japanese inn to reserve yourself a seat.
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〇JR Central (Takayama Line)
【To Takayama・Shirakawa-go・Hida Furukawa・Gero Hot Springs】
Railway services from Hida-Kanayama to Gero Station and Sakakami to Inotani Station are suspended; however, there are temporary shuttle buses provided by JR Central that are covering these sections (please see pdf for timetable).
JR Central Web:

〇Nagaragawa Railway
【To Gujo-Hachiman】
Services are suspended from Mino-shi Station to Gujo-Hachiman Station (there is a temporary shuttle bus running in place of suspended trains).
Shuttle Bus Schedule (Jpn):
Public Transportation to Gujo and the Hida Region in Gifu (As of 9:00 am on July 17, 2018)

Gifu Nagara River Summer Firework Performances

July 4 , 2018
Enjoy the largest summer firework performances that Gifu has to offer, each attracting hundreds of thousands of spectators with their extravagant star mines (a firework launching technique where hundreds to thousands of fireworks are launched in a short time).
The event area for both events will become extremely crowded so make sure and give yourself plenty of time for traveling to and from the venue

※62 Chunichi Shimbun Nagara River All-Japan Fireworks Display
【Date】 Saturday, July 28th
【Time】Afternoon Show: 12:00pm~ Night Show: 7:20pm ~ 8:35pm
【Jpn Web】

※73 National Fireworks Display (Gifu Shimbun)
【Date】 Saturday, August 4th
【Time】7:30pm ~ 8:40pm
【Jpn Web】

【Location for both displays】On the southern banks of the Nagara River inbetween the Kinka and Nagara Bridges in Gifu City
【Directions】Special temporary shuttle buses will be running from JR Gifu and Meitetsu Gifu Stations to the event venue (210 yen, 20 min)

***In the case that the displays are postponed due to bad weather conditions, the Chunichi Shimbun display will be held on Saturday August 25th, and the Gifu Shimbun on Saturday August 18th
Gifu Nagara River Summer Firework Performances