【Event Has Ended】 Spring Rose Festival in Kani City

May 18 , 2017
If you are a fan of roses then this is a festival that you don’t want to miss!
At the Flower Festival Commemorative Park there are over 7,000 varieties of roses from all over the world (the garden has other types of flowers as well).
Just one step into this paradise of roses, and you will instantly be surrounded by the aroma and beauty of the blooming flowers.

【Event】 Spring Rose Festival
【Venue】 The Flower Festival Commemorative Park
【Date】 May 13th ~ June 18th
【Business Hours】 Weekdays: 9:00am-5:00pm, Weekends: 8:00am-6:00pm (Park entry is allowed up until 30 min. before park closing)
【Admission Fee】 Spring and Fall Festival periods: 1000 yen, Rest of year: 520 yen
【Address】 1584-1 Seta, Kani-shi, Gifu 509-0213, JAPAN
【Email】  rose_park@hanafes.jp
【Directions】 Bus or Taxi from JR Kani Station (17min). During the festival period on weekdays there is a free festival shuttle bus and the Satsuki Bus (Kani City community bus Higashi-bu Line, 200 yen) running hourly between Kani Station and the Flower Festival Commemorative Park. During weekends you can take either the Satsuki Bus (Saturday only), or the Tohtetsu Bus (320 yen).
【Event Has Ended】 Spring Rose Festival in Kani City