[Event Has Ended]Ji-kabuki performances throughout Gifu Prefecture

July 7 , 2016
We've got some good news for anyone interested in enjoying some of Gifu's traditional ji-kabuki theater - there will be several performances conducted in Nakatsugawa's Magome-juku Post Town over the next couple of months! The first few dates are July 23rd (Sat), 27th (Wed), and 30th (Sat), with performances continuing all the way through August, and then again in October. For more information, take a look at the page on ji-kabuki's official website below. Performances in Gero, Mizunami, and Takayama will be starting in October as well.

Magome Ji-kabuki: http://www.jikabuki.net/スペシャルプログラム-特別公演-jikabuki-special-programs/特別公演-中山道馬籠宿-中津川市-1/
Gero Ji-kabuki: http://www.jikabuki.net/スペシャルプログラム-特別公演-jikabuki-special-programs/特別公演-鳳凰座-下呂市/
Mizunami Ji-kabuki: http://www.jikabuki.net/スペシャルプログラム-特別公演-jikabuki-special-programs/特別公演-中山道馬籠宿-中津川市/
Takayama Ji-kabuki: http://www.jikabuki.net/スペシャルプログラム-特別公演-jikabuki-special-programs/特別公演-相生座-瑞浪市/
[Event Has Ended]Ji-kabuki performances throughout Gifu Prefecture