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2017 Ukai Cormorant Fishing Reservations

Make your reservation now to see Ukai Cormorant Fishing this summer!
This year the ukai fishing season is from May 11th to October 15th, and performances are held on a daily basis.
Gifu City has developed a brand-new website, specifically for cormorant fishing reservations, that is available in five languages: Japanese, English,Chinese(simplified and traditional), and Korean.

For those who don’t know, cormorant fishing is a 1,300 year old fishing method that takes place at night and uses cormorant birds to catch ayu sweetfish.
For more information: http://travel.kankou-gifu.jp/en/see-and-do/18/
2017 Ukai Cormorant Fishing Reservations

2017 Gujo Odori Starts This Week

July 3 , 2017
The Gujo Odori (Gujo Dance), one of Japan’s top three “bon” festivals, is held 30 nights from July 8th to early September in order to pay respect to one’s ancestors and family members that have passed away.
The most distinct feature of the Gujo Dance is the period of four nights in August when the dancing is held all night long.

※Please note that all of the dances start at 8:00pm, and the last train for Gifu City departing from Gujo-Hachiman Station is at 8:30pm, so please make sure and secure lodgings in advance.

The venue of the dance changes each night, so for the specific location and other additional information please see the following link.
2017 Gujo Odori Starts This Week

【Events Have Ended】 Gifu City Firework Displays

June 27 , 2017
Summer means firework displays here in Japan, and Gifu prefecture won’t let you down. There are many fireworks displays here in Gifu, and the newspaper companies Chunichi Shimbun and Gifu Shimbun hold shows that are considered to be among the largest, launching around 30,000 fireworks each.

Due to the popularity of these two displays it is recommended that you take public transportation (or walk if possible) to the viewing areas. Apart from the special shuttle buses that depart from the JR Gifu and Meitetsu Gifu Stations, there will also be buses shuttling spectators from the temporary parking lots located in Hitoichiba and the north side of the Prefectural Government building (all shuttle buses are 210 yen).

※61st Chunichi Shimbun Nagara River All-Japan Fireworks Display※
During the afternoon portion of this fireworks display you can enjoy special “sound” and “colorful smoke” fireworks.
【Date】 Saturday, July 29th
【Time】Afternoon Show: 12:00pm~ Night Show: 7:15pm ~ 8:30pm
【Location】On the banks of the Nagara River downstream from the Nagara Bridge
【Directions】Special temporary shuttle buses will be running from JR Gifu and Meitetsu Gifu Stations to the event venue (210 yen, 20 min)

※72nd National Fireworks Display: Oda Nobunaga’s Gifu Conquest 450th Year Memorial Celibration※
This firework display, put on by Gifu Shimbun, is known for its extra-wide field of coloful fireworks.
【Date】 Saturday, August 5th
【Time】7:30pm ~ 8:45pm
【Location】On the banks of the Nagara River inbetween the Kinka and Nagara Bridge
【Directions】Special temporary shuttle buses will be running from JR Gifu and Meitetsu Gifu Stations to the event venue (210 yen, 20 min)

***In the case that the displays are postponed due to bad weather conditions, the Chunichi Shimbun display will be held on Saturday August 19th, and the Gifu Shimbun Saturday August 26th.
【Events Have Ended】 Gifu City Firework Displays

【Events Have Ended】 Special Ji-kabuki Performances in Magome-juku

June 15 , 2017
What better place to watch “ji-kabuki” than Magome-juku?

For those who haven’t heard of “ji-kabuki,” it is a tradition that started in the Edo period(1603-1883) when local commoners enjoyed “kabuki” theater performances so much that they started performing it on their own (hence the term “ji-kabuki,” or local “kabuki” in English).
So why not take an evening and enjoy the Edo-period tradition in the Edo-period atmosphere of Magome-juku?

【Dates】 Fridays 6/9, 6/23, 7/14, 7/28, 8/11
【Time】 8:00pm (duration is around 45 min)
【Fee】 Free (tipping in the form of “ohineri” is welcome)
【Venue】 Magome Shukaijo Gathering Place (next to the Tourist Information Center)
【Directions】 From Nakatsugawa Station > Take the Kita Ena Bus on the Magome Line (25min, 540 yen) > Get off at the “Magome” bus stop
【Notes】 For those who are going by public transportation please note that the last bus from Nakatsugawa Station leaves at 6:30pm, and that the last bus from Magome-juku leaves at 6:57pm so you need to either have lodging reserved or take the taxi back (2,900 yen ~ 3,500 yen)
【Events Have Ended】 Special Ji-kabuki Performances in Magome-juku

Go Gifu Summer Event Newsletter Release

June 13 , 2017
If you are looking for some summer events then look no further!
Go Gifu has got you covered with information on some of Gifu’s hottest summer events.

To see the newsletter, please go to our official wordpress blog.
To keep up on other events and festivals during the summer that aren’t mentioned in the newsletter please like our Go Gifu Facebook page.
Go Gifu Summer Event Newsletter Release

【Event Has Ended】 Spring Rose Festival in Kani City

May 18 , 2017
If you are a fan of roses then this is a festival that you don’t want to miss!
At the Flower Festival Commemorative Park there are over 7,000 varieties of roses from all over the world (the garden has other types of flowers as well).
Just one step into this paradise of roses, and you will instantly be surrounded by the aroma and beauty of the blooming flowers.

【Event】 Spring Rose Festival
【Venue】 The Flower Festival Commemorative Park
【Date】 May 13th ~ June 18th
【Business Hours】 Weekdays: 9:00am-5:00pm, Weekends: 8:00am-6:00pm (Park entry is allowed up until 30 min. before park closing)
【Admission Fee】 Spring and Fall Festival periods: 1000 yen, Rest of year: 520 yen
【Address】 1584-1 Seta, Kani-shi, Gifu 509-0213, JAPAN
【Email】  rose_park@hanafes.jp
【Directions】 Bus or Taxi from JR Kani Station (17min). During the festival period on weekdays there is a free festival shuttle bus and the Satsuki Bus (Kani City community bus Higashi-bu Line, 200 yen) running hourly between Kani Station and the Flower Festival Commemorative Park. During weekends you can take either the Satsuki Bus (Saturday only), or the Tohtetsu Bus (320 yen).
【Event Has Ended】 Spring Rose Festival in Kani City

【Event Has Ended】UNESCO Ogaki Festival

April 29 , 2017
Thought of as one of the "representative festivals of all the Mino region,” the Ogaki Festival is only a few weeks away. This 360-year-old festival was just registered as an UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage late last year, so you can be sure that the residents in Ogaki City are excited to show it off!
With around 600 festival stalls setup every year and 13 traditional Japanese festival floats, it is sure to be an exciting event!

【2017 Dates】 May 13th and 14th

For more information:
【Event Has Ended】UNESCO Ogaki Festival

Gifu Castle Panoramic Night Viewing

April 28 , 2017
If you are looking for the best night view in Gifu then this is for you!

For limited periods of time during golden week, summer vacation, and the fall traveling season you can see the dazzling night view of Gifu City from the top of Gifu Castle. Just take the Mt. Kinka Ropeway cablecar up to the 329-meter peak of Mt. Kinka, and enjoy the sparkling lights of Gifu City spread out down below you. In adition to the extended hours, admission for Gifu Castle and the roundtrip fare for the Mt. Kinka Ropeway cablecar will be offered at discounted rates from 6:00pm, so there’s no reason not to go!

【Dates】 Spring: April 29th~May 7th, Summer: July 15th~August 31st, Fall: September 2nd~October 15th
【Hours】 Spring and Fall (6:00pm~9:30pm***); Summer (6:00pm~10:00pm***)
【Rates】 Roundtrip Mt. Kinka Ropeway: 900 yen (Children:450 yen), Gifu Castle: 200 yen (Children: 100 yen)
【Notes】 In the case of bad weather, event may be cancelled
***Ropeway runs until 10:00pm in the Spring/Fall, and 10:30pm in the summer

More info on Gifu Castle:
Gifu Castle Panoramic Night Viewing

【Event Has Ended】 First Time in 55 Years: Special Takayama Festival Float Exhibition

April 10 , 2017
In order to celebrate the parade of Takayama Festival Floats being registered as an UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage, Takayama City is throwing a special exhibition where all 23 traditional floats from both the spring and fall festivals will be on display to the public. You will not want to miss this event because it will be the first time in 55 years for all of the floats to be displayed at the same time.

【Karakuri Marionette Performances】
There are a total of 4 floats with beautifully-crafted marionettes that will perform one at a time during each live performance. Before each ”karakuri” marionette performance there will be 20-minute shows featuring the traditional Toukeiraku and Lion dances by troupes from the Hie and Hachiman Shrines. Both of the events will take place at the same venue.

※Parade Floats: various streets in the Takayama City Old Quarter
※Karakuri Marionette Performances: in front of Nakabashi Park

【Saturday, April 29th】
※Takayama Festival Float Display 9:00am~4:00pm
※Traditional Dances 9:20am~9:40am(Hie) and 1:00pm~1:20pm(Hachiman)
※Karakuri Marionette Performances 10:00am~12:00pm and 1:30pm~3:30pm
※Takayama Festival Float Evening Display 6:00pm~9:00pm

【Sunday, April 30th】
※Takayama Festival Float Display 9:00am~4:00pm
※Traditional Dances 9:00am~9:20am(Hachiman) and 1:00pm~1:20pm(Hie)
※Karakuri Marionette Live-Performances 10:00am~12:00pm and 1:30pm~3:30pm

【Website (Jpn)】

***In the case of rain events will be postponed or cancelled; however, you will still be able to see the floats in their respective storage houses
【Event Has Ended】 First Time in 55 Years: Special Takayama Festival Float Exhibition

【Event Has Ended】 Takayama Spring Festival and Hida Furukawa Festival

April 7 , 2017
The Takayama Spring Festival and Hida Furukawa Festival are just around the corner!
Both of these festivals were just registered as UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage late last year, so the hosting cities are especially fired-up for them this year. In addition to their annual spring festival, Takayama City is also putting on a special float expedition where you can see all 23 festival floats gathered together in one place!
See the links below for more information:

※Takayama Spring Festival
April 14th and 15th (Fri and Sat)

※The Special Exhibition of Takayama Festival Floats
April 29th and 30th (Sat and Sun)
***more information to come at a later date

※Hida Furukawa Festival
April 19th and 20th (Wed and Thurs)
***pictured on the right
【Event Has Ended】 Takayama Spring Festival and Hida Furukawa Festival

【Event Has Ended】 One-Day Gifu Bus Pass Only 500 Yen

April 4 , 2017
For a limited time Gifu Bus is offering single-day bus passes, usable on weekends and holidays, for only 500 yen. With one of these passes you are entitled to unlimited rides on selected bus lines for a whole day!
This discount campaign is aiming to help you get out and enjoy the spring weather and festivities that are happening around Gifu City. There are a couple bus companies other than Gifu Bus that are included in this package so make sure and check out the section below to see which lines you can use.

【Sale Period】 March 11th(Sat) ~ May 21st(Sun) 2017

【Dates Valid】 Weekends and Holidays during the above period

【Sale Locations】 Gifu Bus Terminal, JR Gifu Station Tourist Information Center, Gifu Bus Business Locations, Gifu Bus Travel Centers, Gifu University Student Co-op, etc.

【Covered Bus Lines】 All Gifu Bus Lines (excluding Highway buses***), Yamagata City Her Bus, Gifu Itadori Line, Gihoku Line, Seki City Bus (exluding the demand bus), Seki Kaminoho Line, Seki Itadori Line, Makitani Line, Kakamigahara City Fureai Bus

***This pass does not cover the Gifu Highway Bus Lines (the Shinjuku Line, Hachiman Line, Takayama Line, etc.), or local independent buses (Gifu City Community Bus, Mizuho Bus, etc.)
【Event Has Ended】 One-Day Gifu Bus Pass Only 500 Yen

"Gifu Crossroads" Rebranding

March 28 , 2017
Starting next April (the new fiscal year in Japan), we have decided to change the name of the Prefectural Facebook page and Wordpress blog name from “Gifu Crossroads” to “Go Gifu.”
This will just be an external change; we will still be continuing to write about news and current events taking place in Gifu prefecture.
We think that in the long run, the name Go Gifu will better serve our goals of promoting tourism in Gifu.
Here is the single color logo, let us know what you think!

【Event Has Ended】 See Over 330,000 Tulips at Tulip Festival in Kaizu

March 23 , 2017
At this Tulip Festival there will be over 330,000 tulips (110 different varieties) that brightly color the Kiso Sansen Park.
In the popular “Miffy Flower Bed,” there are about 65,000 tulips and muscari of varying colors that are used to create a colorful picture of Miffy, a cute bunny from a series of Dutch picture books.
There are also cherry blossom trees planted in some of the flower beds, so if the tulips bloom early enough you will get the rare opportunity to enjoy both tulips and cherry blossoms at the same time!
Click the link below to see the Japanese event flyer.

【Date】 Monday, March 27th ~ Sunday, April 16th
【Time】 Mon-Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm
Sat-Sun: 8:00am-6:00pm
【Venue】 Kiso Sansen Park
1.) Community Bus(every day during the festival):
Yoro Railway Ishizu Station > Kaizu-shi Community Bus(Adults 200円, Kids 100円) > Get off at “Kiso Sansen Koen” Bus Stop
Departure Times- Ishizu Station(for Kiso Sansen Koen): 10:11am, 12:40pm
Kiso Sansen Koen(for Ishizu Station): 11:43am, 2:02pm, 3:56pm

2.) Free Shuttle Bus(Festival Weekends Only: April 1st, 2nd, 8th, 9th, 15th, 16th):
JR Kuwana Station (Mie Prefecture) > Kiso Sansen Koen
Departure Times- Kuwana Station(for Kiso Sansen Park): Every 40min starting at 9:00am, last shuttle at 4:20pm
Kiso Sansen Park(for Kuwana Station): Every 40min starting at 9:35am, last shuttle at 5:35pm
***depending on traffic conditions there is the possibility of late departures
【Event Has Ended】 See Over 330,000 Tulips at Tulip Festival in Kaizu

【Event Has Ended】 Dōsan Festival and Gifu Festival in Gifu City

March 21 , 2017
The Dōsan Festival celebrates Saitō Dōsan, a fierce samurai from the Sengoku period (also known as the warring states period), who`s rule created a healthy environment in Gifu (known as Inokuchi at the time) that allowed trade and commerce to flourish. Throughout the festival you can enjoy parades, marching bands, flea markets, and much more in the downtown area of Gifu City.

Also celebrated on Saturday evening is the Gifu Festival of Inaba Shrine, where you can see a procession of festival floats decorated with paper lanterns that light up the night.

【Date】April 1st and 2nd (Sat and Sun)***
***downtown parade and festival float procession are on Saturday only
【Venue】Downtown Gifu City and Inaba Shrine
【Directions】Inaba Shrine: Gifu/Meitetsu Station [Gifu Bus・10min・210 yen] >>> Get off at “Inaba Dōri” Bus Stop
【Event Has Ended】 Dōsan Festival and Gifu Festival in Gifu City

Spring 2017 Event Newsletter Release

March 10 , 2017
Spring is just around the corner, and we have released our quarterly event newsletter on the Gifu Crossroads’ blog page. While there are many events and festivals that take place in Gifu prefecture during the spring, we can only highlight a few of them in the newsletter so make sure to continue checking our website or Facebook page for additional information.
Spring 2017 Event Newsletter Release

Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall Access Guide

March 8 , 2017
Do you know about Chiune Sugihara?
He was a Japanese diplomat who was stationed in Lithuania during WWII and saved the lives of 6,000 Jewish refugees who were fleeing Nazi persecution. Sugihara went against his superiors’ orders and issued them transit visas that allowed them to escape through Japan.

In Sugihara’s hometown of Yaotsu, there is a memorial hall dedicated to his memory. At the memorial hall you can see historical documents (like one of the remaining transit visas), and experience what it would have been like to be in his shoes on the day that he decided to save the refugees.

There are no train stations near the memorial hall so please refer to the handy access guide we made(attached as a PDF), if you are trying to go there on your own. On weekends and national holidays there is a free shuttle-taxi from the Yaotsu Family Center to the memorial hall.

Please see the official memorial hall website for more info:
Chiune Sugihara Memorial Hall Access Guide

【Event Has Ended】 Ukiyo-e Woodblock Exhibition Displays Popular Hiroshige Collection

February 27 , 2017
See the beautiful landscapes of the Tokaido Highway in the form of ukiyo-e woodblock prints at the Hiroshige Museum of Art, Ena.

These newly-acquired Utagawa Hiroshige prints are making their first debut at the museum in the Beautiful Tokaido –Reisho Edition Debut-. The prints depict Tokaido landscapes that are different than the ones you would normally see in Hiroshige’s “The Fifty-three Stations of the Tokaido” series. The prints reflect Hiroshige’s mastery of the art through the refined use of color and detailed scenery of the Tokaido.

A very popular hands-on activity at the museum is the Ukiyo-e overprinting experience corner. Here you can experience what it would be like to make your own ukiyo-e woodblock print with some premade imitation blocks (3-6 colors).

【Event】Beautiful Tokaido ―Reisho Edition Debut-
【Venue】Hiroshige Museum of Art, Ena
【Date】February 16th(Thrs) ~ March 26th (Sun)
【Access】2-minute walk from Ena Station
【Event Has Ended】 Ukiyo-e Woodblock Exhibition Displays Popular Hiroshige Collection

Moon at Tsukimi No Mori Designated as One of “Japan’s 100 Best Moons”

February 20 , 2017
Tsukimi No Mori Park, literally meaning “Moon-viewing Forest," offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape during both the day and night (weather-permitting you can see all the way to Nagoya). Earlier this month, the view of the moon from the observation deck at the top of the park was officially designated as one of “Japan’s 100 Best Moons.” Now it is known both locally and nationally as a good night-viewing spot, just be prepared to walk up the 258 stairs of the “Stairway to the Moon.”

Tsukimi No Mori Park offers much more than just a pleasant night view: during the day you can walk one of the many trails in the park, enjoy the hydrangea and rare sasa-yuri (or bamboo lily) flowers that blossom in the summer, and see a great view from the rotenburo outdoor baths of the hot springs facility located inside the park(shuttle services are available from the parking lot).

【Park Light-up Hours】 Every Saturday until 9:00pm
【Access】 Park entrance is about a 20 minute walk from the Yoro Railway Komano Station (駒野駅) in Kaizu city

More information about the park can be seen down below (Japanese Only)
Moon at Tsukimi No Mori Designated as One of “Japan’s 100 Best Moons”

【Event Has Ended】400 Year Old Fire Festival in Kaizu City

January 30 , 2017
Tall flames, flying embers, crackling bamboo, and wild young men with painted faces!?
These are all things you can expect to see at the Imao Sagicho Fire Festival, which has been celebrated for over 400 years and has been designated by Gifu Prefecture as an “Important Intangible Cultural Asset.”

In this traditional Shinto ritual there are around 13 giant bamboo mikoshi shrines (about 6 meters tall, 1.5 tons) that are set on fire as a form of honorific-prayer to the god of fire. The mikoshi are brought into the shrine’s grounds one at a time and then torched by one of the 13 local neighborhood associations. This festival is famous for the young men with painted faces, who show their bravery by running around in the smoke and embers of the giant burning mikoshi.

+Name: Imao Sagicho Fire Festival
+Date: Sunday February 12th, 2017
+Time: 12:00pm (noon)
+Place: Imao Akiba Shrine
+Access: From JR Ogaki Station take Meihan Kintetsu Bus on the Kaizu line (about 40min, 740 yen) > get off at “Imao” bus stop > walk 8min to Imao Akiba Shrine (今尾秋葉神社)
+Address: 2948 Hiratachō Imao, Kaizu-shi, Gifu-ken 503-0321
See the link below for the Japanese event pamphlet
【Event Has Ended】400 Year Old Fire Festival in Kaizu City

【Event Has Ended】 "Your Name." Exhibit in Hida-Furukawa

January 26 , 2017
Take a look behind the scenes of Makoto Shinkai’s hit animated film “Your Name.” through this exhibition at the Hida City Art Museum. On display are precious documents and materials not normally shown to the public like storyboards, braided cord design concepts, and other related behind the scenes documents. See the link below for the Japanese event poster.

【Place】Hida City Art Museum
【Date】January 7th, 2017(Sat)~ February 19th, 2017(Sun)
【Business Hours】9:00am~5:00pm (last entry 4:30pm)
【Admission Fee】High School and Up: 500 yen, Elementary and Middle School: 150 yen
【Access】3min walk from JR Hida-Furukawa Station (cross over the pedestrian bridge to the other side of the train tracks)
【Event Has Ended】