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Rail Mountain Bike - Gattan Go!!

レールマウンテンバイク ガッタンゴー(Rail Mountain Bike - Gattan Go)

Hop on a specialty mountain bike and glide along the rails of abandoned train tracks

Rail Mountain Bike - Gattan Go!!写真
By attaching mountain bikes to the tracks of what was once the Kamioka Railway, this area has become home to a brand new kind of attraction.

What makes these bikes special is less the bikes themselves, and more the metal frame (and their guided rollers) that they are fixed to. The back tire sits directly on the rail, and all you need to do to get through this 3-kilometer long course safely is to keep peddling—there's no fear of losing your way or falling from the tracks. It operates 5 - 8 times a day, with one trip taking roughly one and a half hours.

Some bikes are hybrids that use electricity to help push you along and there are attachable benches and child seats as well, making Gattan Go!! the perfect destination for groups of any kind, including couples and families.

The combination of the scenery of the great outdoors and the vibrations and sounds of the rails you ride along make this a fun and unique experience.
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Rail Mountain Bike - Gattan Go!!その他写真2
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Address / Map 〒506-1147
Azumo, Kamioka-cho, Hida City
Telephone Number 090-7020-5852  (Kamioka Community Development Network)
Business Hours (April - September)
9 am - 4:30 pm (8 slots per day)
(October - November)
9 am - 3:30 pm (7 slots per day)
Days Closed for Business Wednesday
Operates regularly throughout summer holidays and the series of consecutive holidays in early May
Price Adults: 1000 yen
Hybrid vehicles cost 1,500 yen
Directions 55-minute drive from the Hida Kiyomi Interchange of the Tokai Hokuriku Expressway
60-minute drive from the Okuhida Hot Spring Villages
60-minute drive from Toyama City
Website Visit Website
Notes Reservation required
Child seats available (for a fee)