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Nagaragawa Railway

長良川鉄道(Nagaragawa Tetsudou)

Enjoy a leisurely trip on the Nagaragawa Railway!

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The Nagaragawa Railway, which gently rolls along the Nagara River. Bask in the soothing scenery that passes by your window, or hop off the train at a random location and explore to your heart’s content!

Themed trains take to the rails every month, so checking up on those before planning your trip could give your experience riding the rails a bit more of a unique flavor!
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Address / Map 〒501-3881
74-1 Motoshige-cho, Seki City, Gifu
Telephone Number 0575-23-3921  (Nagaragawa Railway)
Business Hours 8:30am – 5:00pm (Office)
Days Closed for Business Weekends and holidays (Office)
Directions Accessible through Mino-Ota Station on the JR Takayama or JR Mino-Ota lines
Website Visit Website
Notes Parking spaces for 5 standard sized vehicles
Train cars can be reserved for groups (maximum 100 persons per train)
Special gourmet or walking themed “collaboration” cars are also available