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Hida Furukawa Yana

飛騨古川ヤナ(Hida Furukawa Yana)

Snatch up the delicious sweetfish that populate the superbly clear waters of the Miyagawa River!

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Around the beginning of Obon season in August, a traditional method of fishing called yana enters open season on the clear and beautiful Miyagawa River. Said to have been conducted in this same spot since the Edo period of Japan, a kind of Japanese sweetfish called ayu can be fished using this yana technique, and you can enjoy the unparalleled taste of freshly caught and freshly fried ayu. Fishing continues uninterrupted until mid-November, with no breaks or days off.

Also equipped with a space that can accommodate up to 200 people, visitors can enjoy the taste of salted ayu sweetfish fried over hot coals, ayu sashimi and many other kinds of sweetfish cooking, giving guests the chance to taste Hida’s traditional yana cuisine. Stop by Hida Furukawa and make the unforgettable seasonal flavor of the area’s proud yana tradition one of your memories of Japan!
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The irresistible aroma of these delicious fish will stir your appetite.
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A traditional method of fishing, unchanged since the Edo period.
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Fry freshly caught ayu over hot coals!
Address / Map 〒509-4256
118-1 Takano Asabiraki-machi, Hida City, Furukuwa-cho, Gifu
Telephone Number 0577-73-3187  (direct number during fishing season)
Business Hours Mid-August – late November
10:00am – 9:30pm
Days Closed for Business No off days during fishing season
Price Individual dishes: 500 yen and up
Full course meal: 3,000 yen and up
Salted fried ayu: 2,000 yen (for two), etc.
Directions 15 minute walk from Hida Furukawa Station
Notes Parking lot available