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National Fireworks Display (Fireworks in Gifu)

全国花火大会(Zenkoku Hanabi Taikai)

When the curtain lifts, the night sky will be set ablaze with an unparalleled display of pyrotechnics.

National Fireworks Display (Fireworks in Gifu)写真
Held by the Nagara River with Mt. Kinka as its backdrop, the roughly 30,000 fireworks that are lit during this performance paint the sky a dazzling array of colors and reflect beautifully off the waters of the Nagara River below.

【Photo courtesy of Gifu Shimbun】
Date The first Saturday of August
Time 7:00pm to 8:45pm
Venue Nagaragawa Riverside (between the Nagara and Kinka bridges)
Address / Map Nagaragawa Riverside, Fukumitsu, Gifu City, Gifu
Telephone Number 058-264-1159  (Gifu Shimbun)
Directions Shuttle buses are scheduled to begin running to the fireworks site from JR Gifu Station and Meitetsu Gifu Station at 4:00pm

Shuttle buses also run from the Hitoichiba and Gifu Prefectural Government’s temporary parking lots (One way fare for adults is 200 yen; 100 yen for children)
Notes Will be postponed to a later Saturday in cases of stormy weather or high tide