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Takayama Historic District

高山 古い町並(Takayama Furui Machinami)

An old merchant town overflowing with a traditional Japanese atmosphere and perfectly suited for a stroll!

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Located at the center of the castle town, the three main streets that make up the most popular part of Takayama's Historic District served as a bustling merchant town in times past. This area is referred to as "Sanmachi-dori," and it is distinguishable by the distinctive, old architecture and shops that remain to this day. These streets, brimming with shops and stalls of all kinds, are the heart of Takayama and are not to be missed!

Among these stores are old-fashioned Japanese sweet shops, stores selling traditional crafts, and shops selling local specialties such as mitarashi dango rice ball snacks and skewered Hida beef etc. You can buy a popular "sarubobo" amulet or--especially recommended during the winter--taste some sake at one of the many breweries in town!
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Rickshaw and cherry blossoms in full bloom
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Mitarashi dango, skewered rice balls covered with soy sauce and sugar
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Traditional folk amulet "Sarubobo"
Address / Map Kamiichino-machi, Takayama City, Gifu  |  Map
Telephone Number 0577-32-3333  (Takayama City Tourism Department)
Directions 12-minute walk from JR Takayama Station
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