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Hida Furukawa Fox Fire Festival

飛騨古川きつね火まつり(Hida Furukawa Kitsune-bi Matsuri)

This historical and divine festival, based on an ancient folktale in Hida Furukawa, happens one night per year and shows visitors a scene from an age long past

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The Fox Fire Festival has roots in the old Japanese folklore of kitsunebi (or "fox fire" in English), which were eerie glowing lights sometimes seen at night. The fox-fire folklore is often compared to the will-o'-the-wisp folklore found in European cultures; however, the lights seen in Japan were thought to have been the torchlight of fox processions.

In this festival a fox-wedding procession marches solemnly throughout the town and ultimately guides the ritual’s bride and groom, who are a real-life couple chosen from a pool of nationwide applicants, to the location where the wedding ceremony will be held.

It is said that those who view the procession of the foxes will be blessed with an abundant harvest, a happy household, and prosperity.
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Date Fourth Saturday of September
Venue The streets of Hida Furukawa
Address / Map Downtown Hida City, Gifu
Telephone Number 0577-74-1192  (Fox Fire Festival Planning Committee))
Directions 5-minute walk from JR Hida Furukawa Station
Website Visit Website
Notes Both free and paid parking spaces are available