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Usuzumi-zakura Cherry Tree


One of Japan’s Three Great Cherry Trees and a National Natural Treasure

Usuzumi-zakura Cherry Tree写真
This solitary, isolated tree is famous for its ripe old age, at over 1500 years old. Said to have been planted by the Keitai Emperor himself, the cherry blossoms are a light pink when they begin to bud, white when they bloom, and turn an inky black as they wither and fall to the ground. It is for this reason that the tree is called the usuzumi (literally “pale, inky black”) cherry blossom tree.

At 16.3 meters tall and 9.9 meters wide around the trunk, Usuzumi-zakura is counted alongside the Yamataka Jindai-zakura in Yamanashi and the Miharu Taki-zakura in Fukushima as one of Japan’s Three Great Cherry Trees, and is designated as a natural treasure by the Japanese government.

Illumination of the tree is conducted while the cherry blossoms are in bloom.
Usuzumi-zakura Cherry Treeその他写真1
Usuzumi-zakura Cherry Treeその他写真2
Usuzumi-zakura Cherry Treeその他写真3
Address / Map 〒501-1524
Neo-itasho 995, Motosu City, Gifu
Telephone Number 0581-38-2511  (Motosu City Government, Neo Office)
Directions ・From JR Ogaki Station ride the Tarumi Railway down to Tarumi Station (about 1hr) >>> walk 15 minutes to Usuzumi Park

For those driving:
・70 minutes from the Hashima Interchange of the Meishin Expressway
・70 minutes from the Ogaki Nishi IC of the Tokai-Kanjo Expressway
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Notes For more information about when the Usuzumi-zakura Cherry Tree will bloom, please check the following link (Japanese). You cannot use IC train cards for the Tarumi Railway.