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Gifu Great Buddha (Shoho-ji Temple)

岐阜大仏(正法寺)(Gifu-daibutsu (Shoho-ji))

One of Japan's Three Great Buddha Statues

Gifu Great Buddha (Shoho-ji Temple)写真
Completed in 1832 after 38 years of construction, Gifu’s Great Buddha is 13.7 meters tall, is counted among Japan’s Three Great Buddha Statues, and is the largest in Japan to be made of lacquer.

Made using a large gingko tree as the base, the skeletal structure was made with wood while high-quality bamboo and clay were used to create the exterior. The statue was then covered entirely with Buddhist sutras, followed by applying golden leaf on top of the lacquer. The statue’s kind and solemn expression combined with the calming nature of the temple in which it sits make for a soothing, comfortable atmosphere.
Gifu Great Buddha (Shoho-ji Temple)その他写真1
Gifu Great Buddha (Shoho-ji Temple)その他写真2
Address / Map Daibutsu-cho 8, Gifu City, Gifu  |  Map
Telephone Number 058-264-2760
Business Hours 9:00m - 5:00pm
Days Closed for Business N/A
Price Adults (high school and up): 200 yen
Children: 100 yen
For groups of 30 or more:
Adults: 150 yen
Children: 50 yen
Directions 15 min. bus ride from JR Gifu Station Bus Terminal's number 12 bus stop, then 5 min. walk from "Gifu Koen - Rekishi Hakubutsukan-mae" bus stop
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