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Food Replicas Workshop in Gujo Hachiman

食品サンプル作り (Shokuhin Sample-zukuri)

Just like the real thing! Try creating replica foods for yourself!

Food Replicas Workshop in Gujo Hachiman写真
Have you noticed the replica food samples frequently displayed outside of restaurants and cafeterias in Japan (or even abroad)? These replicas are said to have originated in Gujo City, and even to this day 60 % of all such products sold in Japan are made here.

You can try your hand at making replica pizza, a parfait, lettuce, spaghetti, or more at the "Sample Village Iwasaki," one the several food replica studios in town!
Food Replicas Workshop in Gujo Hachimanその他写真1
Replica of a head of lettuce cut in two
Food Replicas Workshop in Gujo Hachimanその他写真2
Creating a tempura replica
Food Replicas Workshop in Gujo Hachimanその他写真3
Keychains available for purchase
Address / Map 250 Jonan-cho, Hachiman-cho, Gujo City, Gifu  |  Map
Telephone Number 0575-67-1808  (Sample Village Iwasaki)
Business Hours 10:00am - 4:00pm (Replica-making until 3:00pm)
Days Closed for Business Irregular Closing Days
Price Entrance fee -- Adults: 300 yen, Children: 200 yen
Hands-on replica making experience: 1,000 yen -- tempura (3 pieces), lettuce head (1, cut in half), and candles (2)
Directions 5-minute walk from the Nagaragawa Railway Gujo Hachiman Station