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Ena Valley

恵那峡 (Ena-kyo)

The uniquely shaped rocks create a stunning sight, especially when taking in the sights from a boat while brilliant maple leaves light up the entire valley!

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Ena Valley is a beautiful scenic area whose man-made lake was originally formed because of the construction of a dam downriver. It is a river valley where, in the spring, cherry blossoms bloom in full force and, in the fall, the cliffs blaze red and yellow with autumn leaves. Enjoying this scenery with the added feature of strangely shaped rocks dotting the area is particularly fulfilling from a cruise boat, which takes you around the lake for 30 minutes of incredible sightseeing.

One of the best places around Ena Valley is the hot spring bath from where you can enjoy a fabulous view of the valley. Soaking in the bath in the early evening is highly recommended, as one can watch the setting sun in all of its glory. The Ena area is also famous for chestnuts and, therefore, for the Japanese sweet called kurikinton, a delicacy made from chestnuts that you simply must try!
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View of Ena Valley from a hot spring bath
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Unusually shaped "lion rock"
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Famous local specialty product kurikinton
Address / Map 2709-104 Okudo, Oi-machi, Ena City, Gifu  |  Map
Telephone Number 0573-25-4800  (Ena-kyo Yuransen [Ena Valley Boating])
Days Closed for Business None
Price Adults: 1,280 yen, Children (1-12 years old): 640 yen
For group rates, reserve in advance
Directions 20-minute taxi ride from JR Ena Station
From Ena Station, board the Tohtetsu Bus on the Ena-kyo Line and get off at the "Ena-kyo" bus stop
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