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Monet's Pond

モネの池(Mone no Ike)

See the pond that’s nicknamed “Monet’s Pond” for its beautiful water lilies, Japanese carp, and crystal-clear turquoise water

Monet's Pond写真
This pond may be nameless, but it sure has been causing a stir online. Nicknamed “Monet’s Pond,” this unplanned masterpiece was just an ordinary pond sitting next to Nemichi Shrine until its exposure to social media in 2015.

The water lilies floating in the glass-like water create a picturesque scene that resembles many of the works in Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies” series. Throw in the colored Japanese carp that swim amongst the water lilies and you can imagine why it is sometimes referred to as “Monet’s Japanese Pond.” The pond becomes even more beautiful in the early summer, when the flowers on the water lilies bloom.

The pond is a bit difficult to find (which is why it was undiscovered for so long), so if you come by car set the GPS to Itadori Flower Park (フラワーパーク板取), which is just in front of the pond. If you want to come by bus make sure to use our guide (Updated April, 2017).
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Monet's Pondその他写真2
Address / Map 〒501-2901
Nemichi Shrine, Itadori, Seki Shi, Gifu Ken  |  Map
Price Free
Directions See PDF file for public transportation access guide
Notes There are not very many parking spots, so if you come by car please use the parking lot for the Itadori Flower Park. Available spots: 15