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Japan Showa Village

日本昭和村(Nihon Showa-mura)

Let yourself be soothed by nostalgic scenery of yore

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This theme park was designed to recreate the atmosphere of a quiet mountainside village in the 1930s, during Japan's Showa period (1926 – 1989). Home to forests of acorns, rice terraces, tea and mulberry fields, and ravines inhabited by fireflies and medaka rice fish, Showa Village perfectly captures the nostalgic vibe of a bygone era. Guests can enjoy not only the scenery, but experience contemporary crafts, toys, and local cooking as well, or visit mom and pop candy stores and old wooden school buildings as well. From rice-planting or harvesting to activities that let you try your hand at making your very own tofu, visitors to Japan Showa Village will not find themselves short of things to keep them occupied and entertained.
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Address / Map 〒505-0003
2292-1 Yamanoue-cho, Minokamo City
Telephone Number 0574-23-0066  (Japan Showa Village)
Business Hours 9 am - 6 pm
Days Closed for Business None
Price Adults: 800 yen
Children: 400 yen
Directions 15-minute ride on the Community Bus bound for Heisei Memorial Park from JR Mino-Ota Station
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