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Gero Hot Spring

下呂温泉 (Gero Onsen)

Time to acquire the beautiful skin you've always wanted! Enjoy a stroll through the center of the hot spring town in traditional garb and soak in the foot baths scattered all around!

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Gero Hot Spring, considered one of the three most famous hot springs in all of Japan, is particularly famous for the incredibly smooth quality of the water, which in turn makes the skin of those who soak in it just as smooth! This "water of beauties" attracts people from all over the world, and once they experience the water of Gero, they find it difficult to settle for anything else! The foot baths scattered throughout town make taking a stroll a pleasure, as you can soak in hot spring water virtually anytime and anywhere.

The Gero Hot Spring Gassho Village, located close to the hot spring town, recreates a gassho-zukuri (style of architecture in which the house roofs look like hands clasped in prayer) village. Here, you can experience traditional Japanese culture by painting ceramics, making Japanese handmade paper, and participating in other hands-on activities. At the Shrasagi-za Theater, you can watch a beautiful "Shadow play" that depicts Japan's different seasons and makes you nostalgic about the Japan of the past.
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Gero Hot Spring Gassho Village
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Shirasagi-za Shadow Play Theater
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Soaking in swimwear at the mouth of the hot spring
Address / Map Gero City, Gifu  |  Map
Telephone Number 0576-25-2541  (Gero-Spa Tourist Association)
Directions In the immediate vicinity of JR Gero Station
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