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Highlights of Japan: Kyoto, Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, and Gifu (6 days)

The course covers a broad area from the Kansai region to the Kanto region. You can enjoy the beauty of nature as well as traditional art.

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A post town of the old highway system preserves the feeling of the Edo period. Going for a stroll on the cobblestone route really makes you feel like a traveler in the olden days!


The Nakasendo is an old highway between Tokyo and Kyoto along which there used to be many post towns. Among these is Magome, awarded a one-star rating by the Michelin Green Guide Japan.

Magome is relatively unique among the post towns throughout the country for being located on very precipitous terrain. It is said that the name Magome (written with "horse" and "basket") derives from the fact that travelers were forced to leave their horses at the inns because the road was too steep for horses to climb.

The cobblestone streets are lined with old, lattice-windowed residential houses, museums, tea houses, and souvenir shops on both sides, a scene that very much resembles how the post town looked in the Edo period hundreds of years ago.

Show Detail
Name Magome-juku Historic Post Town
Address Magome, Nakatsugawa City, Gifu
Telephone Number 0573-69-2336 (Magome Tourism Association - Magome-juku Tourist Information)
Access 20-minute taxi ride from JR Nakatsugawa Station

Take in the sight of Mt. Fuji and enjoy the nearby amusement park at Lake Kawaguchi

Mt. Fuji

Whether skirting across Lake Kawaguchi on a cruise boat or strolling along the lakeside, the view of Mt. Fuji from the lake is truly breathtaking and adds to the charm of the lake itself. You can also enjoy fireworks on certain days, and the thrilling "Fuji-Q High Land" amusement park is a mere 10 minutes away by car.

Stay by Lake Kawaguchi