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Highlights of Japan: Kyoto, Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, and Gifu (6 days)

The course covers a broad area from the Kansai region to the Kanto region. You can enjoy the beauty of nature as well as traditional art.

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Famous for a legend in which the water tastes like sake!

Yoro falls

Yoro falls has been chosen as one of the Top 100 Waterfalls and one of the 100 Best Spring Water Sites in Japan. It is also famous for a legend that tells the story of a pious son who ladles some water from the waterfall to give to his ailing father, only to find that it tastes like sake!

The waterfall is in Yoro Park, which boasts 3,000 cherry trees that bloom brilliantly in springtime, and also has many maple trees that turn the park beautiful gradations of yellow, orange, and red. In the park there is also the Site of Reversible Destiny, a conceptual project developed by contemporary artist Shusaku Arakawa and poet Madeline Gins.

Near the park is the Yoro Hot Spring, where one can enjoy relaxing on a stone sauna or getting a massage!

Show Detail
Name Yoro Falls
Address 1298-2 Takabayashi, Yoro-cho, Yoro District, Gifu
Telephone Number 0584-32-0501 (Yoro Park)
Days Closed for Business Mondays (except when Monday is a national holiday, in which case the park is closed on Tuesday as well)
December 29 to January 3
Price Free admission to Yoro Park, but there are charges for the Site of Reversible Destiny and Yoro Hot Spring
Access Kintetsu Yoro line from JR Ogaki station (around 20 minutes) to Yoro,
then walk for 10 minutes to reach the park

Look down upon Gifu City from the keep of this castle said to be impregnable, commanding a view from the top of the mountain!

Gifu Castle

Standing atop Mt. Kinka, Gifu Castle was the home base of one of Japan's great military commanders, Nobunaga Oda, and was said to be unassailable. The Japanese armor and swords exhibited in the castle are very impressive as well.

The castle is accessible from Gifu Park via the Mt. Kinka Ropeway. From the upper room of the keep, you can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire city and beyond. Take your time to savor every bit of the landscape that the ancient rulers used to enjoy!

Mt. Kinka, especially the area around the castle, is famous for the beauty of its autumn scenery, and the best time to visit if you want to see these colors is during the month of November.

Show Detail
Name Gifu Castle
Address 18 Tenshukaku, Gifu City, Gifu
Telephone Number 0581-263-4853
Business Hours 9:30am - 4:30pm (hours extend later into the evening depending on the season)
Days Closed for Business None
Price Castle admission fee -- Adults: 200 yen, Children: 100 yen
Group discounts available for groups of 30 or more
Access 10-minute taxi ride from Gifu Station to Gifu Park

A staple of summertime in Gifu: traditional fishing ceremony that paints a picture just like an ancient Japanese picture scroll

Nagaragawa no Ukai

Ukai is an ancient fishing method that has been performed in Gifu for 1,300 years in which the fishing master uses cormorants to catch the fish. With Gifu Castle looming in the background, in the dark of night the masters and the cormorants set about their work, guided by the flaming torchlights at the helms of their boats. Though short in duration, this ceremony transports you back in time with its subtle yet profound beauty. Charlie Chaplin himself came to watch Ukai on several occasions and had nothing but praise for this great tradition.

Ukai is performed every night from May 11th to October 15th, except on days of heavy rainfall and on the night of the Harvest Moon. Along the river there is a famous hot spring area, the Nagaragawa Hot Spring, which you should take advantage of if you come to watch Ukai!

Show Detail
Name Cormorant Fishing on the Nagara River
Date May 11 - October 15
Time 6:45pm to the end of the fishing ceremony
Address 1-2 Minato-machi, Gifu City, Gifu
Telephone Number 058-262-0104 (Gifu City Ukai Boat Office)
Days Closed for Business No days off during the fishing season except on days of heavy rainfall and on the night of the Harvest Moon
Price Option A
Any day -- Adults: 3,300 yen, Children: 2,900 yen (departure at 6:15pm)
Option B
Mondays to Fridays -- Adults: 3,000 yen, Children: 2,600 yen (departure at 6:45pm or 7:15pm)
Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays -- Adults: 3,300 yen, Children: 2,900 yen (departure at 6:45pm or 7:15pm)
Access 10-minute taxi ride from Gifu Station to the viewing boat loading area

Stay at Nagaragawa Hot Spring