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From hotels to traditional Japanese ryokan inns to guest houses, visitors to Gifu Prefecture have a wide variety of accommodations to choose from. There are many hotels in the immediate surrounding areas of all the major train stations, and there is plenty of freedom to choose a hotel that fits your budget, whether a high-class hotel, a business hotel, or something in between. At ryokan or guest houses, breakfast and dinner are typically included as part of the package, and these meals offer guests a great opportunity to savor the local flavors and cuisine. Many of these facilities--especially ryokan--also feature hot spring baths, Japanese-style tatami rooms with futons, and yukata (light kimono) that guests can wear. All of this, combined with the local-style meals, creates a wonderful, uniquely traditional Japanese experience that never fails to impress! In general, guest houses tend to be less expensive than ryokan and have more of an atmosphere of staying in someone's home, creating an intimate, friendly experience.

Hida, Takayama Okuhida Gero Gujo, Mino, Seki Ena, Tajimi, Magome Gifu, Ogaki, Yoro Shirakawa-go

You can find accommodations on the websites below.

  • Hida, Takayama
  • Okuhida
  • Gero
  • Gujo, Mino, Seki
  • Ena, Tajimi, Magome
  • Gifu, Ogaki, Yoro
  • Shirakawa-go


    Rejuvenate and relax in our elegant marble lobby or the light and breezy tea lounge. Nestled in a peaceful setting of greenery, we will satisfy your every need at the LOISIR HOTEL OGAKI. We strive to offer you the ultimate in warm and friendly hospitality.

    Access On foot: 4 minutes from JR Ogaki Station (Tokai Line)
    Address 1-13 Miya-machi, Ogaki City, Gifu | Map
    Phone/FAX 0584-81-0111 / 0584-73-4312
    Price JPY 9,500 per person


  • Gifu Miyako Hotel

    Gifu Miyako Hotel

    A lovely hotel located by the Nagara River and adjoining the Nagaragawa Convention Center. Filled with spacious rooms designed to sooth the mind and body.

    Access By train: 55 minutes from Central Japan International Airport to Meitetsu Gifu station
    Then by taxi: 10 minutes from JR Gifu or Meitetsu Gifu Stations
    Address 2695-2 Nagara Fukumitsu, Gifu City, Gifu 502-0817 | Map
    Phone/FAX 058-295-3100 / 058-295-3200
    Price JPY 9,500 - 12,500 per person


  • Hasshokaku Mizunowo (Japanese text only)

    Hasshokaku Mizunowo (Japanese text only)

    A hotel embodying the essence of Japanese style and quality that overlooks the clear Kiso River and Inuyama Castle from its location in Unuma, Kakamigahara City. Enjoy the wonderful view from our Hakutei outdoor hot spring bath.

    Access On foot: 6 minutes from Meitetsu Shin-Unuma Station
    Address 6-264 Unumaminami-machi, Kakamigahara-City, Gifu | Map
    Phone/FAX 0583-85-4611 / 0583-85-4621
    Price JPY 15,000 - 24,000 per person


  • Gifu Grand Hotel

    Gifu Grand Hotel

    The Gifu Grand Hotel is in the midst of a quiet green area and completely insulated from the din of the city. From the hotel, guests have an excellent panoramic view of the Nagara River and the castle atop Mt. Kinka. Gifu is noted for its famous Cormorant Fishing on the Nagara River, which takes place from May 11 to October 15.

    Access By car:
    15 minutes from Meitetsu Gifu Station or JR Gifu Station
    30 minutes from JR Gifu-Hashima Station (Shinkansen)
    40 minutes from the Meishin Expressway Ichinomiya I.C. or Gifu-Hashima I.C.
    70 minutes from Chubu International Airport (Centrair)
    Address 648 Nagara, Gifu City, Gifu | Map
    Phone/FAX 058-233-1111 / 058-233-1122
    Price JPY 7,200 - 32,000 per person


  • Ogaki Forum Hotel

    Ogaki Forum Hotel

    The foremost hotel in the Western Mino area located in the east of Ogaki City. With architecture designed by famed architect Kisho Kurokawa, our hotel's 17 banquet halls are perfect for parties, conferences, and even international conventions because of our translation equipment handling four languages. With Chinese and French cuisine offered, we promise you a very comfortable stay and all-around experience.

    Access By taxi:
    10 minutes from JR Ogaki Station (Tokai Line)
    20 minutes from JR Gifu-Hashima Station (Shinkansen)
    Address 2-31 Mangoku, Ogaki City, Gifu | Map
    Phone/FAX 0584-81-4171 / 0584-75-5233
    Price JPY 9,240 - 11,550 per person


  • Takimotokan Yuki no Sato

    Takimotokan Yuki no Sato

    Take a moment to enjoy the natural landoscape, star-filled skies and stunning nightscapes. Come relax and enjoy the beauty of the season without a care for the time passing by...

    Access By taxi: 10 minutes from Yoro Station
    Address 1290-167 Yoro Koen, Yoro-cho, Yoro District, Gifu | Map
    Phone/FAX 0584-32-3111 / 0584-32-2633
    Price JPY 27,370 - 55,905 per person