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Takayama Historic District

Located at the center of the castle town, the three main streets that make up the most popular part of Takayama's Historic District served as a bustling merchant town in times past. This area is referred to as "Sanmachi-dori," and it is distinguishable by the distinctive, old architecture and shops that remain to this day. These streets, brimming w ...

UNESCO World Heritage Site Shirakawa-go

Hidden away deep in the mountains is this quaint settlement in Shirakawa Village that is famous for its ”gassho-zukuri” houses whose grand roofs resemble hands clasped in prayer. Many of these houses are still inhabited to this day, and together with their adjacent rice paddies, they paint an incredibly picturesque landscape that is a joy to behold ...

Monet's Pond

While this pond may be nameless, it sure has caused quite a stir online. Nicknamed “Monet’s Pond,” this spontaneous masterpiece was just an ordinary pond next to Nemichi Shrine until its exposure to social media in 2015. The water lilies floating in the glass-like water create a picturesque scene that resembles many of the works in Claude Monet’s “ ...

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