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Takayama Historic District

Located at the center of the castle town, the three main streets that make up the most popular part of Takayama's Historic District served as a bustling merchant town in times past. This area is referred to as "Sanmachi-dori," and it is distinguishable by the distinctive, old architecture and shops that remain to this day. These streets, brimming w ...

Shinhotaka Ropeway

The double-decker cable car will take you to the world above the clouds, 2,156m above sea level. From the Observation Deck at the top of the mountain, you can take in a grand panoramic view of the Northern Japan Alps. During a designated period in autumn, ropeway operating hours are extended so that visitors can gaze upon the mesmerizing sunset sce ...

Udatsu Wall Historical District

Mino City was once a lively merchant district during the Edo period that flourished from the sales of Mino washi (a traditional style of paper), a reason why there are so many beautiful udatsu walls still standing here."Udatsu” are raised walls that were built on either ends of a building in order to prevent the spread of fire from neighboring hous ...

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